Lazy Daze





Last day in Galway.

After a much needed lazy morning (and mid afternoon)… We took to the town to purchase claddagh rings and wander around the shops on the pedestrian street. From gourmet hot chocolate to not so good muffins we enjoyed a nice wander in and out of the local stores.

After which we decided, as it was not yet 5 and time for dinner, we would go for a walk along the promenade (absolutely beautiful…although it was dark and a little hard to see). Our toes and noses became a little chilly and stomachs began growling for food, we quickly decided we’d turn back towards the city centre and enjoy a nice pizza dinner.

BEST (okay maybe so far for pizza and not famosa pizza) pizza πŸ™‚ I had a veggie filled pizza with chicken, and for desert we split a Nutella pizza with bananas while Sophia had chocolate cake.

A shorter day, and now onto the packing of our bags to leave in the morning.

xo C.


The Cliffs of Moher





My fear of heights came into full fruition today as I stood on top of the Cliffs of Moher. 8 km wide and 200meters high – they were extraordinary to see.

We left this morning at 9:30 for a full day or touring and stopping in plenty of villages and towns on our way to the cliffs.

We saw many castles, ruins of old houses, cliffs, beaches, and graves of old 18th century villagers.

The best sight though had to have been the cliffs. BEAUTIFUL!

There were many people – although advised not too approach the edge – that climbed over the barrier and scared me half to death just watching them. Thankfully no one was injured πŸ™‚

Was a long and tiring day but very exciting!

More to come on our adventure!

xo C

Galway We Have Arrived





Today (well yesterday the 26th because it’s late) was an early morning start. With a 7:00 am wake up call and an 8:00am train ride leaving Dublin to Galway we began the day exhausted!

We arrived in Galway around 10:45 in the morning after a snooze filled ride, and an attempted reading for school.

Our hostel was only about a 10 minute walk from the train station and very simply found. A major relief!

Upon arriving at the hostel and checking in (we were way too early to get access to our rooms at 3) we met up with our new American friend who we had previously met in Dublin and another fellow American traveller to go to tea and explore the new city…but then came the rain. It poured, and was not inviting at the least so we hopped on the “train” tour and drove around the city learning about it’s past and current attractions.

After the tour the rain had stopped, and the clouds had somewhat cleared away, we decided lunch may be in order. Subway… an extremely americanised and not at all Irish food was the cheapest and most convenient option, so we scarfed it down and played some cards at the hostel until 3:00pm arrived in order to check in.

Once checked in, and had endured a quick nap, Blaithin (a friend from home who is from and now lives again in Ireland) joined Sophia and I in Galway and we attended the very excited city to watch the Halloween parade. Nothing like we had ever seen before. It was amazing – although quite frightening – I am very surprised that the children present were capable to deal with the zombie like effects.

From the parade we ventured I find a place to have dinner – a way more complicated task then we imagined – as it was a bank holiday and everyone was out on the town.

Dinner, drinks, and a night out on the town, our first evening in Galway came to an end and we all returned back to the hostel for a “good” night sleep before venturing on the tour the following day.

Galway is beautiful – the scenery is amazing – I could definitely spend some more time here πŸ™‚

xo C.

Trinkets and Treats




Tim Hortons. Homemade fresh Scones. Memorabilia for all.

Today started off sunny, warm and looked like the perfect day to spend outside wandering around the area of the newley discovered (amazing) restaurant we had been to the night before. (Best Irish stew we had both ever had).

Anyways…. We woke up this morning and decided a little retail wandering was in order so we left the hostel at around 10:30 and ventured down the street. Spending the better part of the morning and early afternoon walking in and out of every possible store and enjoying the countless buskers on the streets, soon some food became a necessity. Having heard, and previously gone the night prior for desert, we quickly returned to Tim Hortons for some good Canadian snacks. A sprinkle and chocolate dip donut later we were ready to continue exploring for the day.

With the weather starting to get a bit chillier and the sun quickly fading we hurried to the near by park, a recommended must see, and took some pictures of the beautiful scenery (although WAY TO MANY BIRDS).

From there we continued to see Trinity Colleges campus, and for Sophia the book of kells, where the weather rapidly became freezing with rain pouring down. We ran back to the hostel and enjoyed a nice afternoon nap before going out to dinner.

For dinner we enjoyed a nice Italian style meal with lasagna, penne, and of course a glass of wine:) it was delightful. Although the restaurant was certainly unlike any we had ever been to – Italian, Mexican and Asian all compiled into one (Mexico to Rome is what it was called).

It was another fantastic day in Dublin, and tomorrow we are off to Galway to experience the next leg of our adventure.

xo C.

Guinness on Guinness on Guinness





We have arrived Dublin!

Yesterday evening Sophia and I arrived in Dublin to a windy and rainy evening; however, nothing was going to bring us down as we were just about to begin a week of adventures πŸ™‚

Upon checking into our hostel last night we met an American individual who is also studying in the UK and traveling this week; therefore, the three of us quickly bonded and went to grab a drink. After a quick beer we decided that due to the amount of traveling we had done and having classes earlier that day we would head back and hang out… Little did we know it would consist of us completing crosswords and word searches while laughing late into the evening.

As a collective we decided we would get up early and walk down to explore the Guinness factory the next morning.

What a place! With 7 floors of interesting facts, samples, and trivia related questions we spent the better part of 2 hours learning more about a beer that has been around for 200+ years.

Now back at the hostel and planning our evening out on the town.

More to come soon.

xo C.

I’m Leaving On A Jet Plane

All of my bags are packed, and I am ready to take off to Ireland. This trip is going to be fantastic – a once in a life time. I cannot wait to discover a new country and spend a week with some great people! Keep up dated here on my daily travels and adventures.

xo C.


Exmouth Beach: Wind, Waves, Rain and Lots of Photos

DSC_0339 DSC_0340 DSC_0409 DSC_0410 DSC_0411 DSC_0366


A little rain, many waves, and the wind in my hair – all in all a fantastic day at the beach.

Today we traveled by train to Exmouth beach, which is probably only a 25 minute train ride away, to spend the day lounging on the beach, eating delicious scones and the traditional english “fish and chips”, all the while causing a scene with our wildly exciting photo shoot.

The five of us (Harriet, Alys, Sophia, Anam, and myself) got up this morning and left for the beach around 10am. Upon our arrival we tried so desperately to find the beach – somewhere we could sit that was not soaking wet – and ended up finding the perfect place… or so we thought as ten minutes in it began to poor. With the rain however, came a chance to dip into the nearest coffee shop to grab a tea and scone in order to wait out the weather. Once the rain had cleared, and our food was finished, we ventured back to the beach to spend some time playing in the sand, and taking copious amounts of pictures (all available on Facebook – but some here as well). After the fact we decided, although not quite ready for lunch, that we would venture into town to poke our heads into the little shops and see if there was anything worth while of purchasing to commemorate our trip – a couple post cards, and a set of earrings later we set off for a traditional english fish and chip lunch. After enjoying the meal, a very large serving of it, we walked back to the beach to play with some dogs and spend a couple minutes by the water once more before returning home on the train.


The trip to Exmouth was an adventure. We got lost, we played in the sand, took many photos, saw some adorable dogs, and ate some delicious food – all making the trip a fantastic day.

loved every minute.


xo. C