Vatican City and so much more of Rome ! 

Today: Vatican City, Trevi Fountain, Gelato, Carbonara Pasta lunch,  Spanish Steps ! 

Today was packed with a ton of sight seeing and walking around Rome and the vatican! Having the opportunity to go into the Sistine Chapel and view the artistic elements of it alll was absolutely beautiful! 

From the Vatican we hoped onto a bus and went to see the Trevi fountain … Unfortunately however it was drained and covered in scaffolding ( a huge drag! ) 

Following we went to a little pasta restaurant for wine and carbonara pasta – absolutely delicious 🙂 

Then came the Spanish steps and a little window shopping down the designer shop oriented streets ; definitely a sight to see! 

Off for dinner now and drinks to celebrate our last night in Rome! 

xo C. 


Off to the Colosseum we went…

Travel the world. Make sure you make the most of the experience because it is a once in a lifetime opportunity!

My dreams came true today when I walked though the entrance way to the colosseum! I have seen pictures, videos and paintings (even made my own in grade 11 for a history class); however, nothing beats the real thing! The sheer size alone is magnificent, but the architectural structure is what blew my mind! To be able to stand in an arena constructed between 69 and 79 CE is an amazing experience! Words cannot describe how much I loved this building! 

From the colosseum we walked down the adjacent road to grab some chocolate and Nutella gelato and do a little window shopping! 

I’m in love with ROME! 


xo C.  

We Have Arrived in Roma

Yesterday we finally arrived! After a 5am wake up call, a two hours bus ride, 3 hours at the airport, 2 hour flight, and finally another 1 hour bus ride we got ourselves to rome! 

Sophia and I have met up with one of my best friends from home, Maren, and a friend of hers who she is studying with in France for a weekend in Rome. To take the words out of Sophia’s mouth “they didn’t want to give us a reading break this term… That’s okay we’ll just go to Rome for the weekend!”

Ciao for now,

Xo C.