Vienna & Budapest with my chickadees

  As wifi has been a bit difficult to achieve…. Especially long enough to post, but I am at the airport in Budapest on my way to Italy and finally have some time and Internet to share my last two countries! 
While in Vienna and Budapest I was joined by two of my best friends from Exeter… What an amazing time! 

When we all arrived in Vienna on the first of July – as it was dinner time once Harriet had met Alys and I at our hostel – we headed down the street for drinks and dinner to catch up and fill eachother in on all that had happened in the 3 weeks it had been since we’d seen eachother last:) 

The following morning we woke up packed our bags and went to the famous coffee and tea shop in Austria called Aida before heading to the streets and doing some lengthy sight seeing! We saw the cathedral and many more beautiful sights of the city along our walk! 

Vienna was absolutely beautiful and we enjoyed the two and a half days we were able to spend there! With Vienna fully explored we hopped onto the bison the afternoon of the fourth on our way to Budapest! 

Now there’s a city…. It is incredible! As today is only the 6th and I was only able to see the city for a day and a half I saw all that I could… And most definitely want to do more! While we were in Budapest there was an air show through the bridges seperating Buda and Pest – very cool to watch! 

After lunch and the air show we strolled up the city and headed to the public baths…. Which are more just like old fashioned pools! There is a picture of one of them above – we had a great time! 

Both Vienna and Budapest with my lovely ladies was an amazing time; however, it is time for me to continue on my trip and head to La Spezia Italy! 

Xo C. 


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