all the waffles and chocolate you want…. What could be better than consuming it all…. Of course doing it in Belgium! 

Belgium was short but sweet. I only had three nights and two full days there but we had a great time touring the city nonetheless. The first full day I spent the morning by myself and than with friend I met at the hostel who ended up coming out with us (maren, drew and I) where we went to a bar called delirium that was suggested to me – very cool concept. All they do is serve beer and they have 2004+ different kinds. It was a lot of fun going out and see in the city at night – especially the main square as it is all lit up and albsolutely breathtaking! 

The following day (aka yesterday) we simply got up and decided the best way to see the city was to walk the streets and look in the shops while eventually heading towards the park. We spent some time at the park in the later afternoon sitting by a fountain playing cards in the shade and it was absolutely fantastic! I loved it 🙂 

Brussels is a smaller city but with a lot of interesting history and architecture to show for it! I loved my time there and am happy however to be in Holland, Amsterdam now for the next four nights and experience yet another culture and city 🙂 

Home in 12 days! The countdown is on:) 

Xo C! 


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