Amsterdam :) 

well this is definitely one of the most intriguing cities architecturally – the city itself with all the old buildings and canals is absolutely beautiful! 

I arrived on the first day alone, and was absolutely exhausted so didn’t do much but on the second day I woke up early and got downtown to visit the Anne Frank House – after a two and a half hour line and in the pouring rain – we finally got to the front and was able to see the house. It was a very cool experience – to walk and stand where Anne did during the holocaust was eye opening. I was interested hugely by the fact that because Otto Frank (Anne Father) was the only one to survive the holocaust and was the one who decided to turn the house into a museum in order to demonstrate the living conditions millions of people had to endure for many years – he chose to leave the rooms bare. There were no personal possessions or remaining photos on the walls from where they originally stood – only a small diagram to show the reality of the house. It was said that Otto decided to leave it blank to demonstrates all that was taken and the emptiness they had to live through… Was extremely powerful to have done the house this way – it made you really realize the reality of the situation. 

After I toured the house I decided to grab some food for lunch and continue to meander around the city taking pictures and doing a little site seeing before heading back to the hotel to meet maren and drew who were arriving from Brussels that afternoon. It is a beautiful city!  

 For the next two full days weve had in Amsterdam we have done a lot of walking the city, seeing the parks, and experiencing the nightlife. It has been a phenomenal city, with so much to see and do I definitely could come back to Amsterdam and to see more of the city as well as the country. I loved it 🙂 
But today marks 8 days until we are home, and the day where we continue our adventure forth and head to Edinburgh, Scotland for four days before I finish my trip in England and they finish theirs in Ireland:) 

Xo C.   


One thought on “Amsterdam :) 

  1. Hey Cassie. Thanks again for taking us along on another wonderful journey  with you. Can’t wait to see you. We have hugs saved up to shower on you.XOX  Dooney  and  Dave 

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