Final Destination: United Kingdom aka my home this year! 

We left Amsterdam and headed to Edinbrugh Scotland where we toured the city, hiked the trails, experienced the local culture and city and fell in love at the same time! They city was phenomenal – I LOVED Edinbrugh! I definitely want to return! 

When I left Scotland on the 26th I headed to Manchester England to visit some friends for a couple nights before heading back to London fory final days before heading home! While in Manchester I stayed with a friend who had done his exchange at Victoria during my first year and we have kept in touch – was great to have a home cooked meal and be out of hostels let me tell you haha! While I was there his family was house sitting three dogs, while having had 2 already… Let’s just say I fell in love! It was amazing to be around so many puppies:) 

Josh and I left Manchester on the 28th and headed south to London where I was going to spend my last two days catching up with friends and saying goodbye! The day we arrived we met with other British exchange students who went to Vic for exchange and caught up with them! Following that on the next day a friend from Exeter met me for the morning and took me to the ritz for high tea as my late birthday present….AMAZING! Felt just like royalty 🙂 

As I write this however I am sitting at the airport waiting to board my plane home…. It has been an incredible year and I am so lucky to have had the opportunity of a life time! 

Canada here I come xx


One thought on “Final Destination: United Kingdom aka my home this year! 

  1. Welcome home sweet Cassie.Can’t wait to see you and get big hugs.XOX Dooney  (and Dave)

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