Munich … Or as it is actually called “Munchen”

I have spent the last three gorgeously beautiful days in city of Munich! What a neat “little” city it is! 

We arrived on Sunday the 28th of June to a “deserted” city…. I had no idea there were cities in Germany that closed all doors on a Sunday, so we practically had the city to ourselves to wander. The history, architecture and culture of the city is pretty cool – I think I prefer it over Berlin as it is a more personal and a much smaller city to get closely acquainted with! 

After wandering the streets on Sunday and Monday while making a couple stops at the local beer gardens for dinners and lunches we decided a day trip to a near by Castle called  Schloss Neuschwantstein was a necessary trip as it was very cheap and Walt Disney himself was inspired by this castle in the creation of many fairy tales like Sleeping Beauty and Beauty and the Beast! 

What an incredible place!  


While on the trip we managed to meet friends from Canada, South Korea,United States and Germany!

Tomorrow (today) we go to Austria!
Xo  C