Journey Across Canada: Day One 


This morning mom and I left Oakville at an early 6:30am for an 8 hour journey to north country: “the sault”.

It was a long and dreary day as it was raining most of the day but with the country music blasting and a stop of a fantastic lunch we made the most of our first long travel day! 

Here are a few photos from the day…

We were followed by the google maps car through Killarny… Needless to say I was really excited and will be looking for the car on the Trans-Canada Highway soon 🙂 

The view in Blind River for lunch

  Delicious lunch! We had a salad with watermelon, cranberries, Cajun shrimp, cashews and cucumber – amazing! 


The call doc “tree” with a tree pose on the side of the highway – was a beautiful drive and a perfect place to stop and POSE. 
We were told to look out for the moose…. We saw our first one!! This was spotted on the sault 🙂 


WE MADE IT TO THE SAULT! This is our view from our hotel room 🙂

Been a great first day and will continue west to Thunder Bay early tomorrow morning 🙂 

Continue to follow our travels across the country xx



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