Journey Across Canada: Day Two


We drove, and we drove, and we drove. It was a long 8 hours of driving today but absolutely beautiful! You feel as if the clouds are testing on your head and you’re in the middle of the mountainous ground of British Columbia! The lakes and rivers surrounding the highway was absolutely incredible. We for sure loved this drive more than the first…. With a stop at the beach for lunch and some yoga posses we made it even farther north west in Ontario! 
xx M&C


Journey Across Canada: Day OneΒ 


This morning mom and I left Oakville at an early 6:30am for an 8 hour journey to north country: “the sault”.

It was a long and dreary day as it was raining most of the day but with the country music blasting and a stop of a fantastic lunch we made the most of our first long travel day! 

Here are a few photos from the day…

We were followed by the google maps car through Killarny… Needless to say I was really excited and will be looking for the car on the Trans-Canada Highway soon πŸ™‚ 

The view in Blind River for lunch

  Delicious lunch! We had a salad with watermelon, cranberries, Cajun shrimp, cashews and cucumber – amazing! 


The call doc “tree” with a tree pose on the side of the highway – was a beautiful drive and a perfect place to stop and POSE. 
We were told to look out for the moose…. We saw our first one!! This was spotted on the sault πŸ™‚ 


WE MADE IT TO THE SAULT! This is our view from our hotel room πŸ™‚

Been a great first day and will continue west to Thunder Bay early tomorrow morning πŸ™‚ 

Continue to follow our travels across the country xx


Final Destination: United Kingdom aka my home this year!Β 

We left Amsterdam and headed to Edinbrugh Scotland where we toured the city, hiked the trails, experienced the local culture and city and fell in love at the same time! They city was phenomenal – I LOVED Edinbrugh! I definitely want to return! 

When I left Scotland on the 26th I headed to Manchester England to visit some friends for a couple nights before heading back to London fory final days before heading home! While in Manchester I stayed with a friend who had done his exchange at Victoria during my first year and we have kept in touch – was great to have a home cooked meal and be out of hostels let me tell you haha! While I was there his family was house sitting three dogs, while having had 2 already… Let’s just say I fell in love! It was amazing to be around so many puppies:) 

Josh and I left Manchester on the 28th and headed south to London where I was going to spend my last two days catching up with friends and saying goodbye! The day we arrived we met with other British exchange students who went to Vic for exchange and caught up with them! Following that on the next day a friend from Exeter met me for the morning and took me to the ritz for high tea as my late birthday present….AMAZING! Felt just like royalty πŸ™‚ 

As I write this however I am sitting at the airport waiting to board my plane home…. It has been an incredible year and I am so lucky to have had the opportunity of a life time! 

Canada here I come xx

Amsterdam :)Β 

well this is definitely one of the most intriguing cities architecturally – the city itself with all the old buildings and canals is absolutely beautiful! 

I arrived on the first day alone, and was absolutely exhausted so didn’t do much but on the second day I woke up early and got downtown to visit the Anne Frank House – after a two and a half hour line and in the pouring rain – we finally got to the front and was able to see the house. It was a very cool experience – to walk and stand where Anne did during the holocaust was eye opening. I was interested hugely by the fact that because Otto Frank (Anne Father) was the only one to survive the holocaust and was the one who decided to turn the house into a museum in order to demonstrate the living conditions millions of people had to endure for many years – he chose to leave the rooms bare. There were no personal possessions or remaining photos on the walls from where they originally stood – only a small diagram to show the reality of the house. It was said that Otto decided to leave it blank to demonstrates all that was taken and the emptiness they had to live through… Was extremely powerful to have done the house this way – it made you really realize the reality of the situation. 

After I toured the house I decided to grab some food for lunch and continue to meander around the city taking pictures and doing a little site seeing before heading back to the hotel to meet maren and drew who were arriving from Brussels that afternoon. It is a beautiful city!  

 For the next two full days weve had in Amsterdam we have done a lot of walking the city, seeing the parks, and experiencing the nightlife. It has been a phenomenal city, with so much to see and do I definitely could come back to Amsterdam and to see more of the city as well as the country. I loved it πŸ™‚ 
But today marks 8 days until we are home, and the day where we continue our adventure forth and head to Edinburgh, Scotland for four days before I finish my trip in England and they finish theirs in Ireland:) 

Xo C.   


all the waffles and chocolate you want…. What could be better than consuming it all…. Of course doing it in Belgium! 

Belgium was short but sweet. I only had three nights and two full days there but we had a great time touring the city nonetheless. The first full day I spent the morning by myself and than with friend I met at the hostel who ended up coming out with us (maren, drew and I) where we went to a bar called delirium that was suggested to me – very cool concept. All they do is serve beer and they have 2004+ different kinds. It was a lot of fun going out and see in the city at night – especially the main square as it is all lit up and albsolutely breathtaking! 

The following day (aka yesterday) we simply got up and decided the best way to see the city was to walk the streets and look in the shops while eventually heading towards the park. We spent some time at the park in the later afternoon sitting by a fountain playing cards in the shade and it was absolutely fantastic! I loved it πŸ™‚ 

Brussels is a smaller city but with a lot of interesting history and architecture to show for it! I loved my time there and am happy however to be in Holland, Amsterdam now for the next four nights and experience yet another culture and city πŸ™‚ 

Home in 12 days! The countdown is on:) 

Xo C! 

The TWO “V” Italian Cities: Venice and Verona

I am a little late posting about these cities – I apologize as our internet hasn’t been great and or I’ve kind of forgotten. 

So let’s start with Venice…

WOW VENICE! Everyone said that I’ll love it, enjoy the scenery, and love the food…. Well I can tell you I did absolutely every one of those things. Venice was an amazing city – and I was so excited to be there with three of my good friends from home πŸ™‚ Katie, Jenn, Vic and I walked the “alley ways” of Venice for three days – and managed to get lost only a couple of times – while exploring! It was incredible. I loved the small streets and that if you have to get anywhere fast you took a boat – I could live like that for sure! 

On the second day we were there, so the 11th we took a gondola ride trough the canals and got to see the city from the water – it was incredible! The tour guide was phenomenal at explaining the history as culture of the city. 

That evening – as it was classy weekend at home (a night up north at the cottage where everyone eats dressed up for a fundraiser) – we decided we’d make our own classy night in Venice and celebrate by going to a traditional Venetian dinner all dressed up πŸ™‚  

Venice was incredible… I don’t think I can say it enough times! I loved derby minute of it πŸ™‚ 

However, on the 13th I parted ways with the others for a couple days of “me” time in Verona. Beautiful city – but HOT HOT HOT! All I can say is if I ever return to Italy it will hopefully not be in the peak heat season… I don’t do well with heat… But nonetheless it was a great little city πŸ™‚ the arena and casa de Guilliette were both very cool to see and experience πŸ™‚ 

Italy was a great experience and after the 9 days there I headed to Brussels Belgium where I am now awaiting Maren and Drew for the last leg of my trip πŸ™‚ 

More to come xx

Xo C. 

From Bologna we venture to Venice :)

Bologna was an absolutely beautiful town where we wandered the streets, Vic and Jenn did a bit of shopping, and enjoyed the culture of the town. It is said to be know for its food…. However we definitely did not agree. We were not able to find a meal that we were amazed by… But everything else in the city was great! 

Yesterday, July 10th, we left Bologna and headed to Venice to meet up with another friend from Thunder Beach – Katie – and do far it has been a great time! The city is probably one of the most confusing cities I have ever been to… But with their main transport system being gondola ride along the canal with little to no cars you really don’t need large streets; therefore, it is a city of alleys. 

We love it so far – and once we have better wifi I will post some pictures! 

Xo C.